Timber Decking

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Homeowners continue to embrace wood decking over other materials for various reasons. Wood decking is durable, easy to maintain, less costly, and looks fantastic.

With timber decking, you get an extension to your living space that you can modify to a kitchen, entertainment area, or for other outdoor tasks. 

We offer premium decking services at Wollongong Decking Co, with a team of highly experienced deck builders working for us, we strive to provide the best services that our customers can depend on.

We have various timber materials, ranging from softwood, hardwood and composite wood. Over the years, we’ve always ensured that we deliver our services on time, preferring to over promise and under deliver.

Redwood and cedar are some of the best timber to use for the decking on your property. Our team of designers are on hand to help you come up with your dream deck for your garden.

Wood decking is versatile and highly durable. You’ll be glad to use these materials on your property because it increases your property value and makes your home look beautiful. Additionally, it’s an affordable option, although the cost varies from wood to wood. 

The beauty with timber decking is that it makes your property naturally appealing, enhancing your home’s beauty. 

Homeowners ought to get an in-depth understanding of the various types of timber decking. Below are the samples to help you make the right choice of material. 

  • Hardwood decking

You’ll find most properties with hardwood decking across the world. It’s no doubt that it’s the most popular material. Its species are spotted gum, Merbau, and Blackbutt. Hardwoods stay for more extended periods between 10 to 15 years.

  • Treated Pine Decking 

If you want the best decking material, choose treated pine decking. It’s durable and can go for over 30 years if maintained well. However, the durability depends on the material type and the thickness of the pole. 

Benefits of Working with Wollongong Decking Co

At Wollongong, we offer unique services with all-round comfort and satisfaction to our clients. That’s why you need to get a deck builder who’ll ensure that you get a bang for your buck.

If you’re looking for the best decking contractor in Wollongong NSW, look no further than us. Contact us for affordable and high-quality services. 

We are committed to giving you more than you expect. Below are the benefits of working with us. 

  • Qualified staff

Valuable decking services begin with highly skilled builders. That’s who we are. Our personnel provide the best value for your work, beginning from designing, building, and decking maintenance. Our deck builders first make inquiries from you before starting the project. 

  • Licensed and insured

It’s within our interest to ensure that we offer certified services to all our clients. Our carpenters are licensed to provide work within the Wollongong region.

  • Vast experience

One of the best ways to know a deck builder that will offer quality work is by checking their years of experience. We are highly qualified to run decking services with several years of experience. Our experts are creative enough to make any suitable decking shape or design. They’re always ready to help. 

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