Pool Decking

Wollongong decking installation poolside

The general look and feel of your swimming pool comes with appealing decks. The most significant benefit is that pool decking provides more space to store furniture around the pool. 

At Wollongong Decking Co, we strive to keep our clients happy by ensuring that we install durable decks around their swimming pools. We also ensure that we construct strong handrails to give you enough support as you get out of the pool.

There is nothing our patio builders can’t do. With several years of experience, we can construct and help you maintain your decks. We have no limitations with our services. Meaning, we provide both new installations and repairs of the existing decks. 

Our focus is to leave our clients satisfied with the end results. We also strive to work within the stipulated timelines, and leave our clients happy, comfortable, and satisfied. 

A pool deck can be installed with the materials below. 

  • Wood 

Timber offers budget-friendly services. If you don’t have a big budget, then opt for wood decking. Our experts have all the knowledge with wood and can use creative ideas to develop the best designs that fit your needs. 

You don’t have to worry about timber maintenance. We offer the service, and this will protect your decks against fading and weathering. We’ll stain and paint to blend the architectural finishing of the area to make it attractive. 

  • Composite wood

Your choice for composite wood will give you long years of use. Composite is also rot-resistant, making it suitable for pool decks construction. They don’t lose color even when exposed to the sun. 

Composite decking offers the following benefits:

  • Its shapes and sizes make it easy to install.
  • Composite wood surfaces do not accumulate stains.
  • They can last for many years since they’re resistant to wear. 
  • They require less attention to maintenance. 

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